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Revers 2022-2023 - Theme "Materiality" - Save the dates! 

We are pleased to welcome you to a new academic year of events organized by Revers - Belgian Fashion Research Network. After a series of events on Gender last year, this year we will be (mainly) focused on Materials and Materiality.

Please save the date for the following 2022 events. Please click to register for October 19 and November 8.

October 19, 17h-19h @ Auditorium Walter Soete, Technicum 2, -2.1 [ROOM CHANGE!]: Hidden Collections. Come hear Frieda Sorber speak about Congolese garments and accessories at the AfricaMuseum and Klara De Maeseneir present her research on the textile collections of a Gentian béguinage.



November 8, 17h-19h @ Vandenhove Pavilion, Rozier 1, Ghent: Professor Ilya Parkins will join us from the University of British Columbia to speak about suiting and the concept of fit, drawing from the material she is working with for a new book on wedding apparel imaginaries and stories of people who identify as feminist or queer, focusing on the relationship between political values and fashion.

December. Date to be announced. Join us for a tour of Mirror Mirror, Fashion & the Psyche, an exhibition organized by MoMu and the Museum Dr. Guislain in Ghent. We will meet at the Dr. Guislain museum and be given a guided tour by the curator Yoon Hee Lamot followed by a discussion on materiality.

Save the date 2023:

May 11, 2023. Revers @ IFM Paris / Chanel et le 19M - Chair in Fashion Savoir-Faire. In collaboration with Emilie Hammen, Chair in Fashion Savoir-Faire at the IFM we are organizing a session in Paris with Olivier Theyskens and Wim Mertens (MoMu). Stay tuned for more.


Other news:

Erasmus -  We are excited to announce new destinations for fashion studies in Europe soon! Enquire with Maude Bass-Krueger.


Publication News:

New article by Maude Bass-Krueger, Sophie Doutreligne, and Christel Stalpaert, Dancing with Garments/Costumes, Masks and Space.” Crisis : The Avant-Garde and Modernism in Critical Modes, edited by Sascha Bru et al., vol. 7, De Gruyter, 2022, pp. 167–206, doi:10.1515/9783110773637-009.

New article by Karen Van Godtsenhoven, “Buildings in Belgium, Buildings in Oil, Buildings in Silk, a Tableaux by Lucy McKenzie.” FASHION THEORY-THE JOURNAL OF DRESS BODY & CULTURE, 2022, pp. 1–13, doi:10.1080/1362704x.2022.2077577.

New book by Maude Bass-Krueger, Hayley Edwards-Dujardin, and Sophie Kurkdjian, eds. 2021. “Fashion, Society, and the First World War : International Perspectives.” London: Bloomsbury.



  • Acquisition of key books in fashion studies at Ghent University Library
  • Creation of a “fashion shelf” at the library to draw together books from disparate stacks
  • Coordination with KASK on databases for fashion studies
  • Purchase of Berg Fashion Central by Faculty – active December 1, 2020
  • Purchase of journals Fashion Theory and Fashion Practice


Revers 2021/2022

  • November 17, 2021: Launch of Revers n1 with talks by Nicola Brajato, "Queering Masculinities" and Denis Laurent, "Masculinities: Exhibition". 
  • December 10, 2021: FWO presentations by Pauline Devriese, Maarten Saelaert, and Karen Van Godstenhoven with ThIS researchers
  • March 12, 2022: Private tour of exhibition by Lucie McKenzie at La Verrière in Brussels
  • March 17-18, 2022: International conference with Université de Lille and Kent University on “Fashion Territories: Northern France, Belgium, South-East England, XVe-XXe s” in Lille, France
  • March 23, 2022: Revers n2 on Women Makers with Nele Bernheim, Karolien De Clippel, Lizzy Rys, and Martha Verleyen
  • May 20, 2022: Revers n3 on Decoloniality at GUM with 


Funding received

  • Funds received from "3i Cross Cultural Collaboration" to set up a research network between Ghent University, Université de Lille, and Kent University. The outcome of this network is the study day on "Fashion Territories". 



Revers is a Belgian interdisciplinary network for research in fashion, textiles, and dress. Its aim is to connect and unite Belgian-based researchers, students and professionals in order to share research outputs, skills, and knowledge resources. Revers hopes to strengthen national collaboration and foster critical interdisciplinary inquiry. The network fosters thematic research seminars, symposia, joint research projects and publications. 

Based at Ghent University, Revers is led by Professor Maude Bass-Krueger, Karen Van Godtsenhoven, and Dries Debackere.



Externe leden

Pauline Devriese

Modemuseum Hasselt

Lizzy Rys

Technische Universität Darmstadt

Nicola Brajato

Antwerp University

Marie Kympers

IndustrieMuseum Gent

Sanne Van Bellingen


Caroline Esgain

Fashion and Lace Museum Brussels

Nicolas Lor

Fashion and Lace Museum Brussels

Denis Laurent

Fashion and Lace Museum Brussels

Wim Mertens

Modemuseum Antwerp

Ria Cooreman

Museum Art and History Brussels
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