Determinants of interpretability in interpreting exercises

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2015 - 2021 (ongoing)
Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication
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Interpreting studies



The doctoral dissertation 'determinants of interpretability in interpreting exercises' will aim at trying to identify the different determinants that make a text  ‘interpretable’ for (student) interpreters. Different parameters that determine the degree of difficulty to interpret a text will be extracted from 1) existing models in interpreting studies, 2) existing interpreting didactics methods and 3) own research. These parameters will afterwards be tested in order to try and define the influence of these parameters on the interpretability of a text. This should lead to a general model that could enable interpreter trainers to make a more level-headed choice when selecting speeches for interpreting exercises and exams. By doing so, an effort is made to fill in the theoretical and scientific gap in interpreting studies, where the field of research into ‘interpretability’ is still in its infancy. Steps are taken to create a more science-based learning curve that could be used in student interpreters’ curricula, enabling them to focus more on systematically acquiring the major interpreting techniques in a range of speeches that are gradually becoming more difficult. Those speeches are better adapted to every stage of the specific learning trajectory of every student. By doing so, the doctoral dissertation aims to help bridge the gap between interpreting studies’ theories and interpreter trainers’ practice.



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