IEMH - Institute for Early Modern History



The Institute for Early Modern History (IEMH) is a research alliance linking historians of the Early Modern Period from Ghent University with those from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel by regulary organizing scientific gatherings and acting as a forum for the Ph.D. students of Early Modern history at both universities. The study of the transformational processes marking the beginning and end of the period, and developments in specific social areas across the era, forms the common thread in members' investigations. More detais regarding the institute's research objectives can be found in the mission statement.



Externe leden

Anne Winter

Ans Vervaeke

Griet Vermeesch

Vicky Van Ruysseveldt

Laurence Van Goethem

Nick Van den Broeck

Hugo Soly

Michael-W. Serruys

Catharina Lis

Boris Horemans

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