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Wat? HICO Talk

Wanneer? 6 mei, 16.00 uur

Waar? Faculteitszaal, Campus Boekentoren

Sander Verhaegh (Tilburg University)

The Behaviorisms of Skinner and Quine: Genesis, Development, and Mutual Influence 

B. F. Skinner and W. V. Quine, arguably the two most influential proponents of behaviorism in mid-twentieth century psychology and philosophy, are often considered to be brothers in arms. They were close friends, they had remarkably parallel careers, and they both developed a behavioristic perspective on language. Yet, surprisingly little is known about the relation between the two. How did Skinner and Quine develop their varieties of behaviorism? In what ways did they affect each other? And how similar are their behaviorisms to begin with? In this paper, I shed new light on the relation between Skinner and Quine by infusing the debate with a wide range of new and previously unexamined evidence from the personal and academic archives of Skinner and Quine.




HICO aims to foster research in continental philosophy, broadly conceived, and in the history of philosophy at Ghent University. It coordinates, promotes and supervises research on the history of philosophy from antiquity to the present day. It also hosts research in contemporary continental philosophy that centres on politics, religion, art, aesthetics, culture, psychology, science, ... and that engages in a critical and interdisciplinary dialogue with the history of Western and non-Western philosophy. HICO welcomes PhD students and researchers in any area of continental philosophy and history of philosophy.



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