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Abstract: This course explores the concept of judgment from a legal and a philosophical perspective. The concept is part of a rich philosophical history, starting from Aristotle, but having a momentum from very early modernity on. We shall address the history of the concept, investigate its epistemological ramifications, and discuss its potential relevance for different domains, situations and research contexts. 


Topic: From within the tradition of both philosophy and law, judgment is what bridges two radically different realms. Often, this heterogeneity is phrased in terms of intuition and concept, particularity and universality, contingency and necessity. What will occupy us in this specialist course, are those occasions where the bridging function is problematic or even controversial, where no universal concept (no law) is found under which particularity lets itself be subsumed, where contingency manifests itself as ungraspable in principle, where the intuitive appears radically heterogeneous to conceptuality. In other words, the impossibility of having two heterogeneous terms correspond is what we consider most revealing about what judgment actually is. In the planned specialist course, we organize for PhD-students from within the broad field of Law and Humanities a platform to discuss in an interdisciplinary way about the issue of judgment. The following disciplines are involved: legal theory, intellectual history, philosophy of language and mind, aesthetics, political and social theory, history and theory of law, psychoanalysis. 


Online (Zoom) on Thursday 17 June (13h-18h) and Friday 18 June 2021 (9h-19h) (UCT+2) 


with Alberto Andronico (Catania), Alessandro Bertinetto (Turin), Alessio Lo Giudice (Messina), Angela Condello (Messina) (organiser), Bert Van Roermund (Tilburg), Emiliano Acosta (Ghent/Brussels VUB) (organiser), Gertrudis Van de Vijver (Ghent) (organiser), Ives Radrizzani (Munich)  


Open to all people of interest. Participation is free, registration is required.  


Deadline for enrolment: Wednesday 2nd of June ‘21 


Please confirm by providing this information to jonas.vanbrabant@ugent.be   

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HICO aims to foster research in continental philosophy, broadly conceived, and in the history of philosophy at Ghent University. It coordinates, promotes and supervises research on the history of philosophy from antiquity to the present day. It also hosts research in contemporary continental philosophy that centres on politics, religion, art, aesthetics, culture, psychology, science, ... and that engages in a critical and interdisciplinary dialogue with the history of Western and non-Western philosophy. HICO welcomes PhD students and researchers in any area of continental philosophy and history of philosophy.




Boris Demarest

Philosophisches Seminar, Ruprecht-Karls Universität Heidelberg

Tiziano Toracca

Angela Condello

Adjunct Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Torino; Adjunct Professor, Department of Law, University of Roma

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