Pirenne consortium for medieval studies



The Pirenne Consortium for Medieval Studies is launched as one of the five SHGW (social and behavioral sciences and humanities) research consortia at Ghent University. It operates within the larger Henri Pirenne Institute for Medieval Studies. The Consortium focusses especially on multi-disciplinary research projects that contribute to:

  • Exploring and re-evaluating the geographical and chronological boundaries of the medieval world through cross-cultural and multi-period research
  • Developing research tools and techniques for accessing, evaluating, and preserving medieval source material
  • Collaboration and knowledge exchange with local and international partners and stakeholders


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Postdoctorale medewerker(s)

Externe medewerkers

Dirk Heirbaut

Universiteit Gent - Faculteit Rechten

Guy De Tré

Universiteit Gent - Database, Document and Content Management (DDCM) Research Group